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I was contacted by a respected closing company with a warning about another version of the Mexican tax scheme allegedly being conducted by a company calling itself Dallas Resale Group. Whether this is the same scammers reported earlier using the Austin Resale Brokers name, or just a copycat attempt at a timeshare scam is not clear at this time.

The scammers reportedly cold call timeshare owners who own timeshare resorts in Mexico, and present the seller with a purchase offer that is supposed to not require any type of upfront fee. Contracts are sent to the seller that appear to be very legitimate, other than the drastically inflated sale price being promised. However, when the "closing agent" gets involved- the hidden upfront fee is demanded!

The seller is called and told that a new "tax" is now required for all Mexican timeshare sales that must be paid prior to closing. The seller is told that this "tax" cannot be taken from their sale proceeds, but instead they must wire the payment immediately or their sale will be canceled. If the seller sends in the fee- they never hear from the "closing agent" again and of course, never see a dime of the supposed sales price they were promised!

If you own a timeshare property in Mexico and receive an offer to sell your timeshare, always take the time to properly research the closing costs and closing process so that you are protected from scams such as this. You can simply call your resort's owner services department and ask them to provide you with instructions and the cost required to transfer the ownership. Mexican timeshares are not deeded, so the transfer is actually done by the resort itself!

As always- never pay any type of upfront fee to sell an unwanted timeshare! Regardless of what it is called- marketing fees, advance commission, or even Mexican transfer tax- simply say no and hang up the phone. In a true closing process, any seller fees that would be due would simply be taken from your proceeds at closing and would not require you to advance or wire money to the closing company or the reseller!


02/25/2011 7:26am


07/30/2013 6:07pm

They got me for several thousands. I doubted them but couldn't find the scam information I not take the chance. I looked up several websites and found this one to late. I talked to 7 different people in the Company for a month and I talked to Mexico, looked up legal documents. Everything was a lie. I even begged James Horn not to do it if it wasn't true. They got me. never again.

Margaret Baumann
02/25/2011 1:34pm

Ihave also been contacted by the Dallas Resale Group. They are telling me that they will send me certified funds and only after the transaction is complete do they require the 5% fee as their commission.
I am also skeptical but I am involved in a dispute with this timeshare as it is. I would love to get out of the Krystal...they have not mentioned anything about a tax. I assume that happens after you sign the contract?
Anyway I was just about to do this and decided to check if anyone knew anything about the Dallas Reseale Group

02/25/2011 2:24pm

Margaret, trust me do NOT do it. I did it. And lost $7400 in this fake tax. They claim they are giving it back but they won't. It's so disgusting. I did research before and found nothing on them but now it's all coming out!! There is no such thing as these taxes. Trust me do not make the same mistake I did. They lie. It's disgusting and heartless. They hit you with these taxes that they guarantee you will get back. My gut told me not to do it but I did not listen. Please just don't do it. You won't find anything on them from the BBB because they just formed in Jan 11. I want to protect anyone and help who I can. DALLAS RESALE GROUP is a disgusting SCAM. Heartless people.

03/03/2011 4:44pm

I like SR got scammed. I researched Dallas Resale Group, called Texas BBB and any place I could think of. I even have a friend who grew up in Mexico, and he knew the streets in Mexico City where the bank was located.

Maybe we will face "Mr. Price" and the Dallas Resale Group in court some day and see them go to jail!

03/04/2011 8:24am

Duane, it's horrible but don't worry, they will get what's coming to them. Bad people don't get away with things forever.. their day will come.. The Mexican banks and gov't are involved.. you can walk into the bank Bancomer and open an account with no ID or anything.. it's so corrupt.. this Doug Price is disgusting.. I should have listened to my gut but at least now I can expose them for the disgusting people that they are..
they even registered the domain site with a mexican company,
the real address is
22a loncourn avenue
dallas, tx

03/04/2011 12:26pm

We did not trust our better judgement either and lost money with this company. How can we get them shut down? I have filed complaints with the BBB, FTC and Texas State Attorney Generals Office.

03/04/2011 4:52pm

BJ i also contacted those people.. no one seems to care.. maybe if enough of us call and complain, they will do something.. its really horrible.. "Dawn Wilson" from dallas resale group is saying i will get my money back in 30-45 days, but i doubt that will be happening...
i keep posting on sites to expose them... THey are lucky if they only get jail time...

03/07/2011 11:29am

SR yes we are getting the same line from them. Hopefully we can get enough people to get the word out and at least stop them.

03/09/2011 12:04pm

They called me also with an incredible offer to sell my timeshare. Said they would wire me the entire amount and then I could pay their commission back out of the wired funds. Then they sent the tax form and called and told me I had to wire $3800 for taxes prior to the transaction. I had some Mexico friends check it out. It was a total scam.

04/01/2011 1:26pm

You guys just saved me from making a very costly mistake. The company that contacted us is Bayside Management Group, out of San Diego. The exact same scam...upfront taxes required to the Mexican government, wired to an escrow account to seal the deal and send us our funds. What an elaborate scam they are running - and it looks very convincing. But it's all a lie! Thanks so much for the heads up!

04/04/2011 4:42pm

Is there a scam with International Properties & Resorts Inc. out of Chicago, escrow lawyer is out of Texas? Recently contacted us with resale for our timeshare (original sales person, supposedly had to leave for Canada on family business), I now have a more aggressive salesperson who wanted again to go over "the contract" with me to discuss their fees (when I was suspicious, he got defensive). No discussion on taxes YET. No research has found nothing on them so far. Will research through our resort. Are any such deals genuine for purchase?

04/05/2011 5:19pm

LID, do NOTTTTT send them any money, trust me please.. after they send you the contract, they will tell you ok great money will be in your account shortly.. then they will hit you up a few days later with this tax.. don't fall for it..
here's what you do... get the contract and pretend to fax it... then call them and say that you faxed it.. I am sure they will say they received it... whatever you do, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY... there is no money upfront that you should EVER pay... you sell it first and they take the fees after... timeshares are so hard to sell so don't fall for someone saying they have a buyer or a group of buyers for double what you paid...

05/03/2011 3:55pm

I have been contacted by San Diego Resale. Seems to be the same scam. It was for a sale of Kyrstal resort in PV. Thank you - you just saved me $3000.

05/25/2011 1:44pm

Me and a friend were ALMOST taken for $2,390.00. I had both a broker and an escrow company call and was about to send over my paperwork when I was told that I would have to pay the 10% transer fee up front. After we had already had numerous conversations that I would not send any money upfront. That was a huge red flag for me and I told them no. The name of the broker is Vacation International, Inc. and the escrow company was Alliance Title Service They were very convincing, but so happy we did not go through with it!

06/06/2011 10:42am

I have been contacted by what he calls himself as Frank Harper from Vacation International Inc. to offer me $33,900 for my Playa Del Sol 2 BD unit. Right away I didn't think it was possible as I did not pay that much. Why does he not just go buy one dirctly from Playa Del Sol if he can pay that much?
red flags all over that one.Stay away.......

06/22/2011 9:28am

My husband & I were contacted by Erica Wilson, from International Resort Marketing (Robert Jenkins CEO/Pres.), out of Phoenix, AZ, with the same story. Mexican investor, no up front fees, 5% commission after we receive our $. Since we got scammed into the timeshare in the first place, I was skeptical, so I researched everyplace I could think of, Phoenix City Hall, BBB, internet for scams, came up with nothing. Then I started asking Erica questions..what closing co. and escrow co. are they using. Since investor is from Mexico, the Mexican govt. holds funds is what she told me. I'm calling her back now to tell her...NO WAY!

06/30/2011 4:30pm

Recieved the same call from Vacation International and Alliance Title Service. Same deal, wanted 10% transfer tax up front, but will be returned at closing. Seemed too good to be true. Glad I checked here first.

07/06/2011 10:49am

Same Scam - New Names. First received a call from Ron Bauer at Vacation International ( in Grand Rapids, MI stating they had a corporate buyer for my Playa Del Carmen Timeshare. Asked a few questions, and offered 10x what I paid. Sent paperwork requesting copies of proof of ownership, etc. Then received a call from Tony Howard from the same company. He explained that I would get a call from escrow company, and he would send a contract. Received a call from Jason Landry at Alliance Title Service ( told me that the purchase price quoted, plus another 10% was placed in an escrow account in my name. Spoke again with Tony Howard who sent me contracts to review and we had a recorded conversation about details of the contract. It was during this conversation that I learned that I would be required to pay the 10% transfer tax in advance of the transaction, which would then be reimbursed to me at closing. This is where I began to get concerned, bucause up until this point, I had been told that there would be no out of pocket on my part in advance of closing. Since finding this vacation-times site, I have done more research, and found out that the domain names, and, were both created within 4 days of each other in April of this year, and were both registered through the same domain service. This seems very suspicious to me. I hope this information is helpful, and stops others before they fork over money. I know that I am glad that I did not lose out.

07/18/2011 10:04pm

Timeshare scam-Just like all of you I was just recently scammed by these so called companies as well. I just recently graduated from school & have been unemployed for the past 6 months. After school was over I went back home to visit my mother., which was May.20/11. When I was there I received a call from a Bill Young at Vacation International Inc, asking me if I had ever thought of selling my timeshares, of course I said yes as these timeshares were still a negative connection that I had with my ex & had always regretted getting them in the first place. He offered me over double then what I had purchased them for with no extra fees involved other than the 8% commission that they were to take, however, only after the sale went through were they to take the commission. After I sent them confirmation that the timeshares were in my name only, they sent me all the contract documents to sign. I then received a call from Jason Landry at Alliance Title Services stating that they needed 10% transfer fee. Once I sent that to their wire information about a week later I received a call again from Bill Young at Vacation International Inc asking me if I received a call from Jason Landry & I informed him that I had not received a call, I asked him why? he then informed me that the Mexican government were wanting 19% taxes from the sale prize & that I should connect with Jason again to see if there was anything that could be done on their part. Of course I connected with him & he informed me that I needed to come up with these funds & that I would be reimbursed for everything that I had paid into on my payout date & if I couldn’t manage to come up with these funds that they would cancel the sale.

Unfortunetly, I sent them these funds & they informed me that my payout date would be changed from Jul.1st to Jul.11th & then changed to Jul.13th 2011. On July 15th I still hadn’t received these funds. I called them on this date & all contact numbers had been cancelled. The internet websites still remain but the contact numbers do not. I hope that the group of people involved in this scam get what’s coming to them. This was money that I had taken off a credit card of mine & has now put me more in debt then I already was being a student. I wish I had found this website prior which would have saved me $7400, as well as my emotional well being. I curse these people & hope that if they don’t get caught that negative energy comes & finds them.

Stan Lipkin
08/04/2011 12:59pm

I have received identical contacts from and outfit named Premier Properties with a Kansas City address. At first they say only a 5% commission will be paid at closing. After a contract is signed, they come up with the "Mexican Tax." When I returned calls, there is never a pick-up; just a voice mailbox. Thanks for the posts; it makes it clear that I am a scam target.

08/16/2011 10:05pm

I have recieved calls from a place in Houston , premium realty trade said they had wanted some of my weeks for they had a renter , I then recieved a contract all legal looking.They get 8% off the top and I am to revcieve the the remainder. I then recieved a call from a place called elite closing srevices out of chicago,an escrow company, They said U need to wire 1194.00 to mexico for maintence fees to be later reimbursed to me. I got scrws by Sierra resorts and rentals for almost 2 grand.. Not going to happen again. I just got done talking to the houston police and filing a compalint with the FTC.. I hope these people suffer un curable disease and die a miserable death. watch ouut for these so called companies ,, and never pay anything up front, never ever

robert fascian
08/26/2011 5:07pm

I was also scammed by International resort marketing out of phoenix.If anyone has a lead on these people please let me know

09/01/2011 1:40pm

Jason Landry, Bill Young and Richard Jones all represented a company called Vacations International and Alliance Title Service. I knew they were a scam when I saw the contract and asked a few questions. Unfortunately, they will change names, change company name and keep on scamming! SCUM and Low Life.

10/26/2011 12:53am

Here I am again since July 18th/2011, this time not losing money. It now seems that these so called companies have forgotten to scratch me off their list(obviously the worlds dumbest criminals). Now they have changed their names to Allied Management Services, 405-301-8162, Olkahoma . As well as Malibu Services, 205-588-2752, Birmingham. They never leave messages & always ask you why you have called, when it was always them to call first. These so called companies hung up on me as soon as they realized that I had been scammed before. Please beware! I wish that someone could help us all to put these people behind bars!!!! This has been going on long enough!!

Bill Perry
10/31/2011 9:55pm

FYI We are currently being offered the exact same deal by an outfit calling itself Malibu Event Management [with a letterhead and website] supposedly out of Birmingham ALabama. Hope this helps someone.

Rick Eirich
11/14/2011 11:19am

I am being courted by Malibu Event management right now. The offered me $34,500 for a timeshare I bought for $7,500 4 yearsago. Has SCAM written all over it.

tina a
11/15/2011 4:21pm

I just got called by Malibu Event Management also. Are there authorities in Alabama that we can contact to stop them. I made it very clear to them that I would not be sending a penny in any form to any reps of the buyer!!!

Norm Palas
11/15/2011 5:47pm

New Scam

Global American initial contact

International transaction group is escrow company.

Offered to purchase our unused weeks for big money.

They want me to pay maintenance fees upfront of 5000.00 dollars. They say that all monies owed to us is in trust acct and all fees except 5% fee will be sent to us once the contract goes through. Another SCAM!!!! Fortunatley I ddi not send money and would advise others to do the same.

11/29/2011 3:29pm

I was contacted by Global american co to sell mine. I bought my timeshare in Mexico and paid about 5g for it. This company said they found a buyer and was going to sell it for 11 grand. I told them sure I would. I was then contacted by this company in Tn. called International Transaction group. Towards the end he said all I had to due is do a wire transfer for the mexican resort tax in the amount of $1,100.00. I told them to take it out of my money. They said they could'nt do that. I then told them to have the seller pay it and I would pay them and of course they said we could'nt do that. I said than no thanks and hung up.

Jill E
11/30/2011 11:08am

This same scam is being done by a company called Premier Exchange Marketing saying they are out of Houston TX. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN THIS!!!

11/30/2011 12:49pm

I too was scammmed. I was contacted by a company called "Executive Property Mgmt.", L.A., CA They got me for $4800.00 for state taxes paid to "SAT". It sure looked legit, but then they came back needing another $4800 for federal taxes. I should have known better. I have stopped all contact with them. Will they eventually stop calling me?

Marcos G
12/13/2011 8:40pm

12/13/2011 9:03pm

I am also being courted as I write. I have been offered 55,000USD for my 2 bedroom playa del sol grand (nuevo vallarat) time share. they know our situation and they say what we want to hear. unfortunately we want to BELIEVE them, and we want to TRUST them. With all that I have read tonight all of my have changed. Ishowad my wife the offer and she immideatly said RED FLAG!!!!hopfully more people can find these remarks and learn from them. I was told that there would be no up front fees and that i will have my money within 30 days.if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.I just saved myself a bunch of money and heartache thanks to all of you that have taken the time to share your events.My heart goes out to all of you. hopfully this can come to an end soon.

12/27/2011 5:29pm

Malibu Events just contacted me offering $32,900 for my one week, one bedroom in Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. I called Paradise and they said they would sell the same unit for $17,000.
I contacted Paradise's corporate office. They were aware of Malibu as well as other scams.
Malibu wanted me to pay a "refundable" 10% of the sale price.
We checked out their location in Birmingham, Alabama. It's a virtual office, or, in other words, a mail drop.

Melvin Klassen
01/21/2012 10:10am

We were called this week by a Mr. Fernandez from Dallas Texas. He represents 'Timeshare Property Services '
They want to buy 5 weeks from us. A Donald Sullivan is the purchasing director and also the President. They do not require any upfront fees but do charge a commission of 8%. Does anybody have any history with this company?

Tom Uszynski
02/01/2012 12:28pm

I guess we are a little late. I should have checked here first. A company called International Transaction Group gave us the same story. Asked us for money up front. Now they said there are some problems and we have to send them more money.

02/01/2012 5:56pm

I was just contacted by Global American as well. I was offered $73,000 for mine!! Thank God I am a TUG member and had it checked out. These little scums need to spend some time in jail. Good info guys Keep it up!

Wendy Smit
02/02/2012 12:40pm

We received a call + email + offer of Timeshare Property Services. 5% commission. Anybody heard of them. They all sound like scams!

02/08/2012 2:40pm

Does anyone know anything about Timeshare Property Services out of Dallas, TX?

02/17/2012 5:20pm

Wendy and DC, I have some experience with Timeshare Property Services out of Dallas. I had listed our timeshare, Villa Del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta, back in July 2010 with a company in San Diego named Dreams RSI (rental service international) and dealt with an agent named Sergio Bravo. Within the last 2 weeks I received an email from Sergio saying he finally had a party that was interested in our timeshare. He told me I shouldn't accept anything less than $14,000 and I would be contacted within the week by someone with a purchase agreement. Sergio wanted me to fax him the documents to prove that I still owned the property. I did this and within an hour I had a phone call from a John Payne at Timeshare Property Services. He told me he had a buyer and that they would email a purchase agreement for the sum of $17,500. I had to sign it and email it back along with the documentation of ownership. He said they charged a 5% comission but that didn't have to be paid until 30 days after the cloasing. After I did that he called and said I would be contacted by Stacey Benett at Closing Property Services in Chicago. I would have to pay a fee for the escrow service and the transfer fee but that fee would be reimbursed by the buyer when escrow closed. Shortly thereafter Stacey called and explained that I would have to pay a $547 fee to open the escrow account in my name and as soon as I did the buyer would deposit the funds into the account. She emailed me the wireing instructions which were to a bank in Mexico. After I had wired the funds she wanted me to email her the receipt and copies of photo ID's. This was on Friday Feb 10. I didn't get to the bank until after 3 PM that day so the wire transfer did not take place until Monday morning Feb 13.
Then on Wednesday we got a call from John Payne saying that the Mexican government charged a 16% tax on the sale and they wouldn't accept it from the buyer, it had to come from the seller. Then there was some excuse that Villa Del Palmar was being difficult because they were buying 146 of these properties and they didn't want to lose the HOA fees. So they wanted me to deposit an additional $2800 into escrow and Stacey would once again send me the wiring instructions. It was important that I wire the funds before noon today so they could close escrow and wire the funds into my bank account on the 22nd. Stacey did email additional wire transfer instructions which turned out to be the same as the previous ones.
My gut feeling was that there was something fishy about this whole thing. So when I went to my bank I talked to the manager and told him my story. He got on his computer and determined it was a scam. He was able to get me the phone number of the building where they were supposed to be located. I called the management and there is no tenant by that name there. Also they were not listed with the BBB. I haven't been contacted any further by them even though I failed to meet their noon deadline. I suspect they know that I am on to them. It seems to me that Dreams RSI might be a part of this scam but I haven't been able to investigate them yet. If anybody has any info on them I would appreciate it. I called Sergio and he acted very surprised when I told him it was all a scam. He wanted me to document what I was saying and he would see if there was any way he could recover my $547. Fat Chance!!

02/21/2012 9:45am

I was just a little too late Figuring out their scheme. But there is a new name out there. they are LUXURY MANAGEMENT GROUP with a San Francisco address. If anyone knows who to report these people to, please post it these people need to be dealt with.

02/28/2012 10:32pm

anybody ever heard of Exchange travel international based out of the dallas area?

02/29/2012 1:01pm

Those concerned with Timeshare Property out of Dallas go to a
they too claim to be out of dallas. In my opinion they are very similar if not the same people...speaking from the experience of almost being a victim a few years ago. SCAM

03/08/2012 11:22am

There is definately a new player, Luxury Management Group in San Francisco. It all looks legit and then they start hitting you up for all these taxes. They make all sorts of guarantees and give you "Guarantee Letters". which mean nothing. They say they have been in business 6 years, but they have only had a web presence for a short time. BEWARE!!! All I can say is that Karma will be coming back to get these people big time.

04/26/2012 1:06pm

It is very unfortunate that I see these scam alerts after the fact of paying out about $12K to these people.. They should be locked up and put in jail forever for scamming so many innocent people. Same stories, legal looking docs, wire transfers request, mexican taxes needed before closing, etc. the same stories but different companies.
I have not seen any comments of anyone recovering their money - which makes me even more sick to my stomach to know that this is not going to be recovered for me either. I wish we can share or figure out how to get these people put away in jail forever.

Darryl Corbin
04/27/2012 9:07pm

Exchange Travel International, Dan Weller Pres/CEO contacted me about having a buyer for my timeshare with Villa del Palmar Cancun. Thank goodness i contacted an online scam investigatory service ( who brought me to this website for my answer regarding a potential scam. Their charge for the info was reasonable. The address given by Exchange Travel International was 11034 Shady Trail Dr., Dallas Tx 75229 & phone # 972-200-1015. The reverse look up of the phone # was "unknown". Steer clear of Exchange Travel International...

A Piper
12/06/2012 6:58pm

I was contacted by Property Closing International with the same scheme. No upfront fee, but a huge charge that must be paid to the Mexican version of the IRS in advance, by me, and which would be reimbursed when they added it to the selling price and wired the total to my bank. It was a Kevin Hudson, Erika Lewis, and the closing agent was Morgan Adams. They show an address of 4144 North Central Expressway, Suite 520, Dallas TX 75024, phone 214-306-4633 and 214-306-5834, They like to tell you that you can go to any SAT office in Mexico to pay the tax, but they have an agent who will handle it for you at no cost when you wire it to her. They provide a copy of this agent's license, but conveniently fail to provide a copy of their business license, which I requested. They admit they are not realtors. I think they change names and phone numbers quickly, It is too good to be true and they work fast.

maureen movold
01/12/2013 12:20am

wow. they were busy in December. glad i finally found this website. thanks for specifically naming property closing international. i was real close to going for it until they mentioned the tax. whew!!

maureen movold
01/12/2013 12:13am

kevin hudson strikes again!!!!! he is now president/ceo of property closing international. beware-----same scam almost to the letter.

08/07/2013 8:49pm

Timeshare Property Service of Atlanta Inc. is another scammer to be
aware of. After suposedly receiving the proceeds of the sales of 3
time shares it was postponed from 90 days to 180 days with a
25% penalty. When the time came to pay we were told that there
was a 12,000 dollar transfer fee. When we refused to pay this amount they would cut the fee in half. We again refused and We are
quite sure we'll never see any money.
Another SCAMMM

08/13/2013 3:34am

We were scammed big time by severall companies, mainly CAPITAL HOLDINGS , based in minneaplis tel 612-2356127 and the agent Vladimir Hawkins. .Same stories, look like legit contracts, promissinf to refund your money within 24 hrs, and after paying US and Mexico texes came back for some more, I'll expose the other companies later, I need to be sure they are involed as well . but this one is the gem, Be aware!!

02/07/2014 9:09pm

He did the same to me. Can we sue? I'm dying to nail that SOB!! Why arnt we doing anything about it??

04/17/2014 10:52am

There is a new company name out there now doing the exact same thing... BEWARE of: Heartland Financial Services Inc. out of Scottsdale Had me going until yesterday when they explained the SAT document and the $5K tax they needed.... I said NO WAY, and they continued to pressure. I said I need to do some research, call me later. Glad I did, found this site. Also, looking at the SAT doc signature and the signature of the offer they gave me, they are same handwriting...

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